Sideboards & Cabinets

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Dimensions H: 72cm  x  Dia: 50cm ..
£456 £368
  Dimensions H: 85cm  x  W: 100cm  x  D: 40cm ..
£513 £410
Dimensions H: 895mm W: 1180mm D: 500mm ..
£643 £515
Dimensions H 81  x  D 40  x  L 83cm ..
Dimensions H: 67cm  x  W: 67cm  x  D: 37cm ..
Dimensions Width: 110cm Height: 100cm Depth: 36cm ..
Dimensions Width: 110cm Height: 100cm Depth: 36cm ..
  Superb contemporary small oak sideboard The overall dimensions of the sideboard are H75..
  Stunning contemporary small sideboard The sensational and eye-catching Roadie Chic rang..
Dimensions W: 100cm   ..
  Unique contemporary small sideboard The exclusive Urban Chic range is made using reclai..
Dimensions Width: 110cm Height: 80cm Depth: 45cm ..
Dimensions Width: 110cm Height: 86cm Depth: 40cm ..
Dimensions H: 625mm W: 750mm D: 200mm ..
£424 £358
  Dimensions H: 77cm  x  W: 132cm  x  D: 41cm ..
£707 £568
  This great sideboard offers handy storage and is a lovely display piece to have in your ho..
Dimensions: H: 810mm W: 1400mm D: 500mm ..
£756 £605
  Superb contemporary large sideboard Constructed using solid oak with veneers The sid..
Dimensions: H: 820mm W: 1350mm D: 510mm ..
£644 £515
  Dimensions H: 90cm  x  W: 143cm  x  D: 50cm ..
£931 £746
  Superb contemporary large oak sideboard Two large cupboards with adjustable shelves ..
  Stunning contemporary large sideboard with three drawers The sensational and eye-catchi..
  Superb large walnut sideboard with two doors and three drawers Constructed using solid ..
Dimensions: H: 820mm W: 1330mm D: 410mm ..
£1,025 £820
Dimensions: H: 900mm W: 1590mm D: 490mm ..
£1,064 £851
  A stylish sideboard offering ample storage and a lovely centrepiece for your living space ..
  This is a stylish sideboard offering great storage that will be a lovely centrepiece for y..
  Hand crafted from highest grade solid Mahogany Finished to exceptional standards using ..
  Superb six drawer two door walnut sideboard Constructed using solid walnut Walnut is..
  Superb contemporary oak sideboard With dimensions of H75 x W123 x D39cm, this sideboard..
Unique contemporary sideboard The exclusive Urban Chic range is made using reclaimed wood salvage..
Dimensions: H: 850mm W: 1150mm D: 400mm ..
£605 £484
Dimensions: H: 860mm W: 1215mm D: 400mm ..
£385 £339
Dimensions H: 900mm W: 1350mm D: 500mm ..
£998 £798
Dimensions: H: 700mm W: 1600mm D: 450mm ..
£906 £725
Dimensions Height: 86cm Wiidth: 150cm Depth: 40cm ..
Dimensions H90 x W134 x D50cm ..
£1,311 £1,049
Dimensions Width: 150cm Height: 80cm Depth: 45cm ..
Dimensions H88 x W140 x D42cm ..
£1,050 £840
  Unique contemporary sideboard with three drawers and three doors The exclusive Urban Ch..
Dimensions H92 x W188 x D49.5cm ..
£1,219 £977
Dimensions H: 63cm  x  W: 135cm  x  D: 40cm ..
£630 £504
Dimensions H96 x W199 x D46cm ..
£1,365 £1,092
  This large sideboard is desgined for excellent storage and will be a beautiful centrepiece..
Dimensions: H: 860mm W: 1980mm D: 510mm ..
£1,340 £1,072
  A large and uniquely designed sideboard offering excellent storage for your living space ..
  Dimensions: H: 900mm W: 2180mm D: 455mm ..
£1,668 £1,334
  Superb large walnut four door sideboard Constructed using solid walnut Walnut is a v..
Dimensions: H: 1000mm W: 2000mm D: 500mm ..
£1,836 £1,469
Dimensions: H: 800mm W: 2000mm D: 400mm ..
£2,188 £1,754
Dimensions H81 x W152 x D48cm ..
£1,130 £904
Dimensions: H: 980mm W: 1800mm D: 510mm ..
£1,287 £1,030