Dining Tables

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Dimensions H 75cm  x  L 205cm  x  W 100cm ..
Dimensions H 78cm  x  L 174cm  x  W 94cm ..
Dimensions H 77cm  x  L 200cm  x  W 100cm ..
Dimensions H 75cm  x  L 200cm  x  W 90cm ..
Dimensions W 140cm  x  H 77cm  x  D 90cm Also available: PPR224F-5 ..
Dimensions H 78cm  x  L 180cm  x  W 90cm ..
Dimensions H 75cm  x  L 200cm  x  W 90cm ..
Dimensions H 79cm  x  L 160cm  x  W 80cm ..
Dimensions 140cm  x  90cm Also available: PP224F-5  160cm  x  ..
Dimensions H 78cm  x  L 172cm  x  W 110cm Extended Length: 253cm (Suppli..
Dimensions H 80cm  x  L 211cm  x  W 101cm ..
Dimensions W 180cm  x  D 90cm  x  H 77cm Also available in: W 225cm..
Dimensions H 77cm  x  D 100cm  x  L 180cm ..
Dimensions H 76cm  x  L 181cm  x  W 85cm ..
Dimensions H 77cm  x  L 239cm  x  W 100cm ..
Dimensions W 160cm  x  H 76cm  x  D 90cm ..
Dimensions H 75cm  x  L 180cm  x  W 100cm Extended Length: 220cm ..
Dimensions H 79cm  x  W 210cm  x  D 100cm ..
Dimensions H 78cm  x  W 240cm  x  D 100cm ..
Dimensions H 79cm  x  W 219cm  x  D 95cm   ..
Dimensions H 78cm  x  L 180cm  x  W 100cm Extended Length: 280cm (Suppli..
Perfect for smaller rooms or where space is at a premium, this beautiful solid acacia rustic dinin..
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Dimensions H 78cm  x  L 220cm  x  W 95cm ..
Dimensions H 77cm  x  L 241cm  x  W 100cm ..
  Dimensions H: 75cm  x  L: 200cm  x  W: 100cm   ..
Dimensions H: 78cm  x  L: 160cm  x  W: 92cm Extended Length: 240cm (Supp..
Dimensions H 76cm  x  W 150cm  x  D 80cm     ..
Dimensions H 81cm  x  L 200cm  x  W 91cm   ..
Dimensions H 75cm  x  L 150cm  x  W 90cm ..
Dimensions W: 140cm  x  H: 76cm  x  D: 85cm Also available in: W: 1..
Dimensions W 225cm  x  D 104cm  x  H 77cm Also available in: W 180c..
Dimensions H: 79cm  x  L: 180.5cm  x  W: 90.5cm   ..
Dimensions H: 79cm  x  L: 203.5cm  x  W: 104cm   ..
Each piece of this distinctive Vintage style collection is constructed from carefully chosen recla..
Dimensions H: 76.5cm  x  L: 120cm  x  W: 80cm   ..
Dimensions H 76cm  x  L 140cm  x  W 75cm ..
Dimensions H: 76cm  x  L: 140cm  x  W: 75cm   ..
Dimensions W 152.5  x  H 76  x  D 91.5cm   ..
Dimensions W 160  x  H 75  x  D 90cm   ..
Dimensions W 150  x  H 75  x  D 90cm ..
Unique contemporary dining table. The exclusive Urban Chic range is made using reclaimed wood salv..
Superb contemporary dining table design. Constructed using solid oak with veneers. Exceptional bui..
Dimensions W: 140cm  x  H: 78cm  x  D: 90cm   ..
Dimensions H: 75cm  x  L: 150cm  x  W: 80cm   ..
Dimensions H: 77cm  x  L: 137cm  x  W: 76cm   ..
Dimensions H: 76cm  x  W: 180cm  x  D: 90cm     ..
Dimensions W 150  x  H 78  x  D 90cm   ..
Dimensions L 200cm  x  W 100cm x  76cm   ..
Dimensions L 210cm  x  W 95cm  x  H 80cm    ..
Dimensions L 200cm  x  W 100cm  x  H 78cm   ..
Dimensions L 180cm  x  W 90cm  x  H 78cm     ..
Dimensions L 180cm  x  W 90cm  x  H 76cm     ..
This round, versatile table will allow any space to become a stylish dining area. Part of our fres..
Constructed from hand selected European Oak, all the pieces in this collection show the same high ..